Swati Wakchaure
Without Prejudice

This is to state that Swati Wakchaure walked out of the job on 10th September 2016 at 4.17 pm. There is no handover that is done by Swati Wakchaure. The person is in possession of all Company Documents, Strategy papers and Data Machines. The Organisation has attempted to reach Swati Wakchaure by Emails, Phone and Short Messages which has been unanswered. Swati Wakchaure has to return organisation's money which was given to help her during her personal challenges. Swati Wakchaure does not represent Fun and Joy at Work anymore. Any one dealing with her will do so at their Own Risk.

I appealed her to return all documents, papers & company material. I got no response.

Fun & Joy at work.

Chiranjiv Mulick
This is to state Chiranjiv Mulick joined Fun and Joy at Work on 01st October 2015. He walked out of the job without giving any notice on 10th August 2016. Chiranjiv Mulick took a loan against salary of INR 17,500. He promised to return the monies but did not return the monies. During his tenure, Chiranjiv Mulick took unauthorised leave of 7.5 Days; He did not achieve his targets.
Fun & Joy at work.

Rahul Salve
Rahul Salve suddenly left the office on 19th March 2016 and is no longer reporting for duty. There was no official handover of duties, files, database etc done by him. All attempts to reach or his family have proved futile since that date. The below profile is thus misleading & fraudulent and anyone dealing with him would be doing so at his/her own risk.

His current work as publicly broadcasted (shown below).

He has neither resigned nor has been relieved from Fun and Joy at Work. No relieving letter is issued to him. Social Media passwords are still in his possession. My organization takes no responsibility for his action. We retain rights for Legal action.

Fun & Joy at work.


My organisation Fun and Joy at Work that produces Large Scale Management and Education Programs besides Training & Development Programs it hosts, The Organisations Intellectual Property includes various properties created besides data generated by its employees.

Some employees have Misused & Infringed by trespassing the systems which were not in their Purview or Domain. It is an ILLEGAL ACT. The Same Incidents have been recorded under surveillance and the proof of the same will be provided at a suitable time. Those parties involved in getting data by Illegal Methods are equally responsible much like the culprit who robbed the data causing 'INTENTIONAL HURT'.

In the past some employees who indulged in the act left the Job and Joined other organisations. Employers Beware to check credentials and track record also ratify documents which any one claim are signed by me. An Unethical act at the workplace is beyond the control of any employer. Such employees have offered threats through this communication I wish to safe guard the Interest of my organisation and those willing to watch the video could write to me. At an appropriate time my organisation wishes to take action against the employee who have been thieving data for many months now.

Bilal Shaikh
Bilal Shaikh Joined on 4th June 2014. He has not come to work from 30th July 2015. Neither has he handed over the tasks completed nor has he handed over the Important Documents. Beware before hiring.
Niraj Agarwal
Niraj Agarwal joined on 16th August 2012 and left on 1st November, 2013. The below mentioned past experience is fraudulent. Anyone dealing with him will do so at his/her own risk & belief as he no longer represents our company.
Fun & Joy at work.
Ashish G. Sharma
Ashish G. Sharma joined on 2nd December 2013 and left on 8th November, 2014. The below mentioned past experience is fraudulent. Anyone dealing with him will do so at his / her own risk & belief as he no longer represents our company.
Fun & Joy at work.
Sagar Koli
Sagar Koli has not resigned nor been relieved from the services at Fun and Joy at Work. He stopped coming to work from 26th December'14 and has taken a Salary advance on 23rd December'14. The organisation will take suitable action. Any one dealing with him will do so at his own risk.
Ramesh Salunkhe
Yogesh Jagad
Yogesh Jagad has defrauded our Organization. Any one dealing With him will do so at his own Risk.
Fun And Joy At Work.
Geet Raul
Geet Raul does not work with Fun & Joy at work. Please deal with Geet Raul at your own risk & belief my organisation will not be responsible.
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma is absconding from work since 14th August, 2013. Anyone dealing with him will do so at his/her own risk & belief as he no longer represents our company.
Fun & Joy at work.