1. Leadership and Change
Leading with a Culture of Change.
Leading with Creativity and Conviction.
Leadership in an Era of Uncertainty and Change.
Transforming Challenges into Opportunities for Change
Embracing the Human Face of Change
Enabling the Development of People and Organisations through Learning and Leadership

2. Motivation and Self - Development
Develop the attitude of a winner and become a leader.
Awaken the giant within.
Self Development and Self motivation – Two sure paths for achievement and fulfillment.
“Wow…..” yourself for success.

3. Innovation and Creativity
Creativity on Demand
From contracting theories to science: New scientific Vision of Creativity and Innovation
New Vision to new results: Instant Success! Accelerated Outcome
Breakthrough into areas of relevance and significance.
Putting Creativity to work – How to make it happen.
Lateral Thinking for business: How to become an Idea generator

4. Performance Improvement and Development
Creating and Sustaining High Performing Teams
Performance Improvement in International Environments: Designing Individual
Performance Interventions to Fit National Cultures
Performance Mapping: Aligning Employee Performance Behind Your Organization's Vision
Lead Tomorrow Now: Building Fluent Performance

5. Putting Quality to Work
How to Get Implementation and Delivery Right First Time
Quality Improvement and Performance Improvement: Different Means to the Same End?

6. Sexual Harasement at Work
Sexual Harassment: How to promote what is needed to foster an environment of respect.
Create a non-threatening work place

7. Work place Diversity and Challenges
Managing Conflict: Organizational and Interpersonal
Turn Personality conflicts into opportunities: How to be a super Team player
You Don't Have To Be An Acrobat To Be Flexible
Taking the job seriously and yourself lightly.

8. Start right……….Stay right
Holding On and Letting Go: At Work, With Relationships, and Strategies
Past is History. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift and it's called The Present!
How to keep Your Stuff and Still Live a Simple Life