What if training didn’t simply produce good leaders, but produced leaders of character? At the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, it does.

History shows us that graduates of west Point have become some of our nation’s greatest leaders both on the battlefield and in the boardroom. Thus it follows that all organizations can learn something from West Point regarding not simply what is taught but how it is taught. In fact, by learning and applying West Point’s fundamental leadership principles, we can find ourselves in the midst of greatness everyday – simply by going to work.

Leaders of Character: Leadership - the west point way takes us into some of this country’s foremost organizations, including Procter and Gamble, the FBI, Penguin Publishing, and the People’ Health Center, where we see West point graduates putting their skills to the test. These are people who, like all of us, combat time and resource pressures, yet practice daily the principles of leading with character, heading top-notch teams and uplifting entire organizations.

Discover how to bring character- driven leadership to your organization today with this timely and important new training, Leaders of Character: Leadership – the west point way.


  • To explore a unique approach to developing six fundamental leadership skills essential to success in any organization.
  • To demonstrate that leadership abilities and the process of developing one’s own leadership abilities and those of others, is often a collection of experiences, courses, training and skills.

Benefits to You

Learn to:

  • Identify and discuss how six core leadership factors presented apply to your own overall leadership style and patterns
  • Describe how these leadership skills - in combination with well structured experiences – help develop leaders of character
  • Explore leadership learning experiences that can strengthen your own skills, while also building those of your peers and subordinates
  • Describe, for your organization and its unique mission and values, the leadership sets that are most valued
  • Compare your personal leadership skills to those the group believes your organization values most highly

Program Outline

  • Ethics: Doing the Harder Right
    - Internalizing your organization’s values
    - Live the organization’s values so that others can trust what you say and do
  • Communication: Voices in the Dark
    - Set a tone of openness and respect
    - Establish a comfort zone for followers to give you feedback
  • Teamwork: Cooperate and Graduate

    - Maximize individual’ strengths toward team goals

    - Selflessly serve the needs of the team

  • Delegating responsibility: It’s not just giving orders

    - Build abilities in others by delegating progressively more difficult tasks

    - Delegate so you can focus on more strategic issues

  • Planning: No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy

    - Plan for everything …but be prepared for nothing to go as planned

    - Be receptive to input on your plan from those around you

  • Failure: Learn from it and move on

    - Empower people to make honest mistakes – and learn from them

    - Chase success rather than run from failure