Change Management isn’t working, as it should be. Recent studies have shown that between 50 & 70% of change initiatives fail to meet their objectives or fail to meet them on time. The scenario is all too familiar. A new initiative comes from the top. Managers look for enthusiasm & commitment from their staff – but get rather less. Communication breaks down, implementation plans miss their mark and results fall short. Most efforts take longer than expected and cost a great deal in terms of managerial time & emotional upheaval.

Film 1: Power to Change
The Power to Change...suggests techniques for finding the courage to "do it now", for focusing your energies on making a commitment to your own destiny that will enable you to take charge of your life!

Film 2: Why Change?
The audio-visual questions the basic perspective and mind set that individuals have because they do not wish to change. The module challenges assumptions and beliefs. Using a simple direct approach, this video's understated humor reinforces the concept of change and why there will always be change.

Film 3: Priorities for Life: CHANGE
Every individual in your organization has a unique potential for trust, energy, commitment, and ingenuity. Yet most of this capacity is never accessed. One reason: With all the pressures people face today it's easy to lose track of what's possible. Priorities for Life provides an innovative way with clear and compelling focus on what matters most at work and in life. In today's world of rising pressures and constant change, from time to time we all need a small reminder about priorities for our life.

Film 4: What Change?
We all know we must embrace change, but what change? You will love the insightful, sometimes humorous quotes. "What Change?" will encourage individuals and employees to look inward on a personal and professional level for a new approach to change.

Film 5: Spirit of the Dolphin: Lessons for the Workplace
In the Spirit of the Dolphin: Lessons for the Workplace” we move to a higher plane. Rather than concrete lessons based on totally demonstrable facts, we have moved to the “Spirit” of the Dolphin. In business today, we can forget the positive impact of spirit at work. We don't mean spirit in the mystical sense of the word; we mean it in the sense of another Lycos definition. The Dolphin epitomizes energy and animation within their day-to-day actions. They absolutely integrate animation and energy in a joyful completion of their work, and then they celebrate through play. They are highly balanced animals.

Film 6: I Wish My Manager Would Just
Looking for a way to improve your management skills? Tired of all the books, audio, and videos with great concepts that seem almost impossible to implement into your daily life as a manager? This presentation titled “I Wish My Manager Would Just…” provides valuable ideas that can be easily implemented immediately after viewing. And, best of all, the advice on how to be a better manager comes directly from those who should know best, your employees!

Film 7: Lessons From The Wild - Tiger In Your Business
An extraordinary story about two captive Bengal tigers reintroduced into the wild to learn new values and habits.The objective - Breed tigers to prevent extinction?
NO….The presentation documents how humans are like 'tigers in cages', trapped by beliefs, habits and routines. Why cling to your old values when you need to face change and survive in a new business environment?Success means adapting, learning and experimenting

Film 8: Managing People Through Change
This effective video, based on the work of Scott and Jaffee, demonstrates proven techniques and offers strategies managers can use to guide people smoothly through each phase of change.

Film 9: Father & Son
This is the story of the father and son who are on their way to a camping trip in the mountains when they're involved in a terrible car accident. The son is badly injured and airlifted to the hospital. The surgeon rushes into the ER, takes one look at the boy and exclaims, “Oh no, I cant operate on this boy, he's my son.” If you've heard this story and know the answer, you'll probably remember how effective it was in challenging your perceptions and opening your mind.

Film 10: You
It is about being innovative, being inquisitive and a non-conformist, traits common to children that are lost when growing into adulthood.

Film 11: The Journey
In this thought-provoking presentation, a journey taken on a train illustrates the fact that although we are limited to seeing only a small distance in front of us, which is constantly changing, we need to have made a plan to get to where we are going even though we cannot always see the destination from our current position.