Theme: Building Organisational Leadership for the New Millennium

Module I
Film 1 :
Leaders of the Globe:
Leaders of the Globe focuses on Leaders who are noble prize winners, giving message of peace to the World. They are exemplary leaders who by sheer demonstration illustrate the reason for Leadership.

Film 2 :
Take Me to Your Leader:
Take me to your leader is a short film by Andersen consulting which focuses on competencies for Leadership in the New Millennium.

Film 3 :
Bringing Out the Leader in You:
Shows you how to become a leader in your own right. Whether you take charge of project head up a production team, or chair a meeting. You`ll gain the basic know how and confidence to inspire followers; to get people involved and committed to a goal; and to lead your people to success

Facilitator’s Comments & Question-Answers
Module II
Film 1 : Networking Your Way to Success:
Shows you valuable networking techniques-breaking the ice in social situation…building and using formal networks…taking advantage of unexpected opportunities…and creating personal support systems.

Film 2 : Business Environment & Change:
The films asks rhetoric question to viewers on how changing business environment results into change in structure, policies, strategies & work environment. The film depicts use of example from: Eco Instances that have changed the world.

Film 3 : Making Diversity Work
Providers an excellent starting point for you to learn about diversity and your won benefits, and assist your employees to do the same You’ll see and hear how the application of three simple guidelines can help you to value differences as you and your employees strive to reach individual, group and organizational goals.

Module III
Film 1 : Keeping Teams Together
Shows you how to keep a team focused, You will learn how to apply five simple guidelines to help a team in trouble. You will discover how to whether the storms of disagreement, adversity, animosity and disruption and emerge with a successful, cohesive high performance team.

Film 2 : Coaching for Top Performance
Show’s you how to meld a variety of different people into a work that wins. This Video presents coaching as three part process educating, developing and counseling and uses examples from the arts, sports, and business arenas to demonstratc good coaching skills.

Module IV
Film 1 :
Re-energise Yourself
Shows you an array of practical tips for refocusing your mental and physical resources to maximize your performance both on and off the job. You will find fitness tips you can use at your desk and specific guidelines and practical methods to improve your performance increase... you stamina…guard against burnour…and turn stress in to a positive motivator.