I am happy to see your loving message. I was very glad to see you at Ideas Arabia and your presentation was really great and meaning full.
You surprised every one by providing a free copy of Your good book. We Indians were proud of you in the Conference.
Wish you all success in your team work with Ideas Arabia.
Thanks for your Starfish Story.

G. Varghese.
Container Terminal,
Port Rashid.
D.P. World.

Ahh thank you Dr. Bhatia. It was equally lovely meeting you. I found your presentation more a performance than a lecture and thus so much more effective. I would like to stay in touch regarding my Afghan women book and will be in touch in the future.
Warmest regards,
p.s. did you by chance ever do a radio show on CBC radio in Canada on laughter?

Lana Slezic
Photographer, Represented by Panos Pictures, UK

I have been talking about you every since I met you and I too found it to be a pleasure. Thank you for thinking enough to send me this story. I will be in touch.

Best Wishes,
Paula S. Davis, CASS, Certified Administrator of Suggestion Systems

Thank you so much for the story that you sent. It is a wonderful example of how a relatively few words can convey a huge lesson. It was also my pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet you. I was so impressed with your words and especially touched that you accentuate things like "smiling" and "happiness", etc. What a refreshing perspective on business. I am honored to be able to call you "friend". Until we meet again, and I am certain that if it is meant to be - we will, take care and keep tossing those starfish back into the seas of India. Know that I will be busy tossing them back over here.
All of my best,
Tom Dupre

What a nice GOOD Morning to you to Dr. Bhatia!!!

It was such a positive approach and such a positive presentation to free the mind and build a repertoir, to give, share and make a difference..

Happy to have met you and others alike.. Thanks for the book, quite interesting...

Certainly wish to be on your mailing list and look forward to meeting you again..

To help CHANGE take place...

Ayad Abbas, ADMA-OPCO
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Thank you Dr Bhatia, I enjoyed your session. I hope we get an opportunity to work together soon.

Anita Kalyani

I trust your flight back home was pleasant. It was certainly nice to meet you and share the clippings with us. Thank you very much for the book – although I have yet to read it.

Ninad Pradhan, Head of Quality Assurance & Continuous Improvement Dubai

Many thanks for the starfish story I promise to make an attempt to follow its wisdom. I really enjoyed meeting you in Dubai you added a great deal through your presence to the event. I hope we can meet again someday and spend a little more time discussing your philosophy. If you can bring happiness into the working environment you will indeed do wonders for the health of any organization.
Very best regards to you and thanks again for your lovely message
Glyn Ashley

Thank you for your e-mail. Like wise, it was a great pleasure to meet you. I have really enjoyed your enthusiasm and love for your work. It is a great inspiration to me. I truly believe that you have “Fun and Joy at work”. Please keep up the good work. Thank you for “The Star Thrower”, I can a sure you that it did made a difference. I have already told the story a couple of times.
Best of luck for the future. Whenever you are in South Africa, please contact me.

Kind regards,

Andrew Marx