It was my great pleasure to attend and enjoy all of your sessions presented at the ARTDO conference in Bahrain. Your style and interactive material is unique and very enjoyable. Currently Our Ministry has corporate needs for Leadership programs and some of the related skills, such as the 6 thinking hates, and teamwork.

I would also like to get your presented material, the video clips and all the text. I will be asking your permission to use some the important phrases from your material as daily flyers that I tend to circulate to all staff using the internal email on topics such joy at work, creativity, leadership, innovation, and any self development tools or ideas. President – Domestic Operations, Wockhardt Limited.
Look forward for your reply
Rashid Almahmeed, Head of Training and Development, Ministry of works & housing

First of all, thankx indeed.I am glad that I met you. I talked to you regarding your books, and you told me that you are going to send a list to me, so this is my address:
Hussain Al Shehab, Diplomatic Area-Bahrain

What a pleasure it is to hear from you, thank you for making contact.

May I at this time seek your assistance in one matter, my company is currently looking to employ an Assistant Finance Manager for our business in East Africa, and I am attaching a copy of the job advertisment and was wondering if your agency can do a search for us.
Alice Watson, HR Manager, BMMI, Bahrain

It has been a pleasure to meet you in the conference, where I enjoyed your presentation.
May thanks for the story, be sure that I am star thrower starting from today.
Thank you & Kind Regards
Najwa Abu Hassan
Board member of Bahrain Universitat Society
Coordinator of Talents Center

Thanks for the MAD story. Yes I do realise it is the little things that matter.I enjoyed meeting with you , the second time over in perhaps less than a fortnight. Lets keep in touch keep on MAD.
R. W. Khanna

Thank you for the attached story and it was nice to meet you too in Bahrain. I have gone through your website and I have seen the six s's. The topic is interesting. Do you have presentation about the six s's, if so, can you please e-mail it to me.

Thank you very much – lovely story
“Be the difference that you want to see in the world” – Ghandi, I think?
Best regards,
Richard Atkinson

Hope u r fine. It is pleasure for me to attend the conference and meet expert person like u with a lot of experience and nice workshop u give us. It is v nice story I enjoying reading it I sent it to many friends of mine.
best regard
Mansoor Al-Qasaab

Thank you very much for your email and the nice story you sent, I'm very happy to hear from you and look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Mohammed Al Sawad
Sr. Performance Mgt Specialist

Thank you
It was indeed a pleasure to meet, listen and try to understand your compositions. Sometimes it takes a little longer (or shorter) time for us to come to act. But nevertheless, we have a desire to do some good work for others, for no return! Hope that this Allah gives us the strength to achieve.
I assume, from what I have seen of you, that you have a sensitive, kind heart. The attached piece of music will probably make your day! What a composition, lyric and rendering. Does it suit your taste?
With Kind regards
Tasneem Iqbal

Great story - appreciated!!! We all get too busy everyday but we should remember to throw a star very frequently!
Peter Kaliaropolous
Chief Executive, Batelco

Many thanks to u, it was a very lovely story,
Best regards,
Tahera Al Alawi
HRD Officer
Awal Gulf

Thank you for your kind message. I really was lucky that I attended your lecture. It was very interesting one, apart of that stupid comment from one of the delegate, that luckily couldn't spoil our joy of your lecture.
As I told you, in our part of the world, it is better to use "AN INTERVIEW WITH A WISEMAN" instead of "AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD".
Hope to see you in Bahrain again.
Best Regards.
Ali Sulaibeekh
General Manager
Specific Council For Training In Hotel & Catering