"The contents, the manner of presentation was good. The overall impact of the International Management Film Festival on my learning was good as it gave impactful dimensions on various fronts of people management and self-management."

Arvind Vasudeva, President – Domestic Operations, Wockhardt Limited.

"It was indeed a wonderful experience to have witnessed great management films during the International Management Film Festival. It will be nice if you could let us have the titles and their respective pricing so that we could arrange to procure it if our institution desires.
Congratulations for convening such a great and valuable event."

Prof Sateeshchandra Joshi, Associate Professor, Hiraben Nanavati Institute of Management and Research for Women

"I had attended the festival and must say few of the films were brilliant. I especially liked the ones on Dolphin, Attitude and Strawberry. I also liked the one with only sayings -that was superb. Overall it was fun and mind provoking. "

Pratibha Kapoor, Corporate Head-HR, International Travel House Ltd.

"It was a great pleasure to witness the program. Contents & presentation was very impressive. I feel great in carrying along the messages."

Mukesh Vyas, GM – Human Resources, Nicholas Piramal India Ltd.

"I really appreciate your effort. I take the opportunity to congratulate you and every one in the team behind IMFF. It was wonderful and an eye opening experience. The organizing team had done an excellent job in selection of contents, films and presentation, but I have only one concern on the participation. I feel that the event should be made more accessible to other interested participants because I feel it's a wonderful learning and sharing platform both at personal and participatory level. I would be glad if you could update me on the next IMFF so as I can attend to share and learn."

Uttam Baral,World Vision Advertising, Kathmandu, Nepal

I enjoyed the International Management Film Festival session, but I have a few comments, if you may.

  • Although I am an Egyptian, but I come from a very western culture (working in the USA for over 22 years and being half British).

  • The contents of the festival would work very well for India and the Indian culture, maybe in the Eastern world in general, but I doubt it would work for the West. The Eastern culture is very sentimental and they care a lot for BIG words and proverbs, while in the West it is much more PRACTICAL.

  • I needed to see something more materialistic rather than nice big words that are easy to say than apply.

  • Dr Bhatia did a great, great job. It would have been better if he had OTHER presenters with him.

    Dr Hesham Sadek, IES President, Cairo

" First let me thank you for the invitation, it was my first time and I really enjoyed myself especially meeting you. You really have a wealth of energy and I know that the success of the conference is because of you. I would appreciate if you could facilitate the film festival part to be in Dubai, the concept was amazing and the message was very clear.
I hope to see you in Dubai very soon."

Abdul Qader Obaid Ali, Chairman, Dubai Quality Group