Benefits to You:

At the end of this program, you will:

  • Understand the changing business environment and the role of the modern manager in today's successful organization

  • Recognize the key features of a successful organization in the modern economy

  • Be able to add sustained value through people management

  • Have developed the key management skills of leadership, delegation, motivation and performance management

  • Be able to prioritize your time to focus your efforts on genuine value- adding activities

  • Understand how to create and sustain a voluntary mindset in staff

  • Be able to build high performing teams

  • Be able to empower staff to maximize their contribution to organizational Performance

  • Recognize how to focus their people on building a customer responsive organization

Program Outline:

  • The New Economy

  • Adding Value through people

  • Leadership Skills

  • Communication and Staff Management

  • Creating a Volunteer 'Mindset'

  • Performance Management

  • Time Management

  • Building a Customer Responsive Organization