Benefits to you

Leverage from excellent customer service and go beyond customer service to customer satisfaction. Delight your customers and keep them coming back.

Workshop outline

Customer Care Philosophy
  • Recognizing customers
  • Customers’ expectations

Meaning of Service Excellence

  • what the customer ‘sees’
  • Keeping the service promise
  • Credibility
  • The human touch

Planning the Service System

  • How to implement service quality
  • Factors for effective customer service delivery

Creating and Maintaining a Service Culture

  • Creating the service culture
  • Designing a service- oriented selection process
  • Task and personal attribute analysis
  • Designing service procedures and piloting the process
  • Logistical feasibility, validation and conclusions

Giving your Customers what they want

  • The telephone and the courtesy transaction

Maintaining Service Excellence when Things get Difficult

  • Handling dissatisfied customers
  • Why customers get upset
  • How vulnerable is your customer base and what you can do about it

Gaining competitive Advantage through Customer Service

  • Rating your customer service
  • Beyond customer service to customer satisfaction
  • Keeping customer forever