The key steps that need to be taken to ensure that Kaizen (continuous improvement) is part of your team’s everyday working lives


Whether starting from a low point, or not, every organization can find ways to improve its performance. This program will help you identify where improvements can be made and provide an understanding of how to implement them – continuously.

Two simple words, continuous improvement, is what most organizations are looking to achieve. So why is it that when suggestion schemes are introduced, or when management say they would like staff to come up with ideas for improvement, that the initiative is not sustained? In many cases, failure occurs because the fundamental culture of the organization has not changed.

A time values and cultural shift supported by the concept of kaizen (continuous improvement) is required to make people feel really valued and supported so that they want to give more in terms of creativity and ongoing pro-active problem solving.

Benefits to You

By the end of this program you will have gained an understanding of:

  • How to create the culture for staff to feel valued and encouraged to come up with ideas for improvement in systems, processes and procedures or how they should work together as a team

  • The style of management that is required for kaizen to flourish

  • How to keep good stuff through the creation of an environment where continuous professional development is part of their working lives

  • How to persuade a range of different and difficult personalities to come around to the need for change

  • Best practice from a variety of organizations around the world who have taken the key concepts of kaizen, and make it work

Program Outline

  • How to Create a More Creative and Committed Workforce

  • What are the Changes You Need to make in the Values and Culture of Your Organizations?

  • The Leadership required to support the Environment that Develops

  • How to Identify Accurately Where Improvements are Required SMART Objectives for Project Planning

  • The Use of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) as Part of an Everyday Activity to Pro-actively Problem Solving