Benefits to you

  • Apply a range of creativity techniques in your work and personal life acquire expertise in converting breaks into breakthroughs

  • Enhance your creative abilities, as well as boost your group intelligence. You will be able to apply the skills immediately in your life. This seminar is extremely valuable for idea generation and invaluable for enhancing flexibility in thinking.

Seminar outline

  • Generate ideas through a range of brilliantly simple but formidably-proven tools and techniques.

  • Prioritize powerfully in the creative decision-making process

  • Dismantle mindsets and attain fluency, flexibility, and fluidity in confronting competitive creativity in a chaotic market place.

  • Learn how ideas emerge to create the advances we take for granted today.

  • Break out into areas of relevance and significance

  • Work on the system, instead of in the system. create constructive chaos for achieving ‘chaordic’ [chaos+order] relevance

  • How many know about the latest software for their laptop computers but don’t have a clue about the latest software for their cranial computer? Get the know-how here.

  • How many can surf the net but don’t know how to surf their heads? Consider InterNet versus InterHead.

Learning Features

Fast paced, interactive, and with ample opportunity to develop your skills for future integration in the workplace. Emphasis will be on practical applications.