Designed for a broad range of personnel, such as managers ,team leaders &specialists, this  program  explores  how  deliberate  cre8ive  thinking  is  applied  to  promote  innovation.

Upon completion, you will:

  • Understand a  simple process for  effective  application of  new  thinking  techniques  and  be  able  to use a number of thinking tools to find innovative solutions to business challenges

  • Be able to use creative  thinking  tools  to contribute  more  to business  improvement   activities  and pro- actively  address  potential   problems.

  • Have the ability to develop bold new ideas that support organizational innovation.

  • Work more creatively as individuals and participate effectively in work groups and  on  project teams.

Benefits to you

  • Organizations that apply deliberate cre8ive thinking principles and methods  will:

  • Creatively deal with complex situations and make better and faster decisions.

  • Have shorter and more productive meetings in an effective team environment.

  • Plan, manage and implement solutions thoroughly and effectively.

  • Generate innovate ideas to effectively manage costs and grow the ‘top-line’ of the business.

  • Prevent potential problems from developing and promote innovate ideas that support that business goals
Program outline
  • Rational problem solving
    A look at the strengths and weakness of traditional problem solving methods, and how creative thinking can make them more effective.

  • The applied creativity and innovation process
    A simple process for analyzing challenges, and then finding innovative solutions using deliberate cre8ive thinking.

  • Creativity on demand
    Shows individuals and teams how to focus their creative energy when and where it is needed to solve real challenges.

  • Tools for deliberate creative thinking
    Provides simple but effective tools for exploring problems quickly and effectively as well as a range of techniques that are proven to generate solutions that work.

  • Application and action
    Applying creativity to daily issues is the key to success and this program uses a case study to demonstrate techniques learnt.

  • Where to go from here?
    An action plan to focus on creative problem solvin